How To Auto Post To Instagram

Go to your Facebook business page.

Facebook business page

If you don't see your Instagram profile here.

Go to your Instagram app.

Change your profile from personal to business.

if Instagram is not connected to Facebook
If you have not connected your Instagram to your Facebook page go to your settings.
facebook business page settingsImage
If your Instagram profile is connected to your Facebook business page will look like this.
Creator studio
Be sure to check the Instagram button.
Creator studio

Your image should be 1080x1080 px to fit the Instagram format.

I use to make fast, great looking Instagram posts.

instagram sized correctly

Instagram does not support website links in the captions.

You can place a website link in your Instagram profile bio.

As a local business you should enter the geographic area you serve here.

instagram sized correctly
Choose this option to see the post in Facebook and Instagram previews.
instagram sized correctly
Choose this option to schedule your post.
schedule instagram post

Pick a date and time and click "Schedule."

Your post will now auto post on Facebook and Instagram.

Pick a time to post your instagram

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