Attorney Tom Reveals His Formula For Success With YouTube and Facebook

On this page I will discuss what I've learned from watching interviews with Attorney Tom and how he built a successful YouTube channel and Facebook following.

If you don't know who attorney Tom is here is a short bio: Attorney Tom is a seasoned attorney who has been practicing law for over a decade. He has always been interested in utilizing social media platforms to promote his law firm and reach a larger audience. In this case study, we will explore Attorney Tom's experiences with using social media platforms, specifically YouTube and Facebook, to promote his law firm.

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Attorney Toms Most Popular Video As of now

Getting Started with YouTube

Attorney Tom's journey with social media promotion began with creating videos on YouTube. He started by creating short videos on various legal topics and posting them on his channel. Over time, he gained traction, and one of his videos was even featured on a local news channel. This helped him reach a larger audience and establish his presence on the platform.

Experimenting with TikTok

After gaining success on YouTube, Attorney Tom decided to experiment with TikTok. He created short-form videos and was able to gain hundreds of millions of views and thousands of followers on the platform. However, despite the massive exposure, he did not see any business from it. This led him to realize the importance of creating long-form content and the difference between short-form and long-form content.

More views did not equal more business or more money.

Embracing Long-Form Content

Based on his experiences with TikTok, Attorney Tom decided to focus on long-form content. He started creating longer videos that provided in-depth information about various legal topics. These videos helped him establish himself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney in the eyes of his audience. He found that the longer videos provided more value to his audience and helped him establish a deeper connection with them.

Longer form videos did bring in business and the phone started ringing.

The Importance of Organic Reach

Attorney Tom emphasized the importance of organic reach in his social media promotion strategy. He believes that it is crucial for attorneys to start creating content that is relevant and valuable to their audience. By doing so, they can build trust and establish a deeper connection with their audience. This can help them reach a larger audience organically and promote their law firm more effectively.

Attorney Tom learns the value of understanding his target audience.

Challenges Preventing Attorneys from Creating Content

According to Attorney Tom, one of the main challenges that prevent attorneys from creating content and growing their online presence is the quantity of content and the time it takes to see results. He mentions that it takes a lot of time and effort to create 200 long-form videos, which is the base level of monetization on YouTube. This can be a barrier for many attorneys who are already busy with their legal practice.

YouTube rewards people and attorneys who make it a full time job. That said if you do put in the time making $80,000 per quarter on YouTube is possible.

Creating Engaging Content

Attorney Tom also emphasizes the importance of creating content that doesn't scare people off and keeps them engaged. He suggests focusing on niche topics or using an "edutainment" approach to make the content more interesting and fun. He believes that it is important to make content that people want to watch in their spare time, not just brag about the attorney's success. He also mentions the importance of improving the quality of the content to keep people engaged and watching.

The formula for attorney Tom's success begins to take shape. Creating long form content + understanding your target audience + using entertainment to educate.

Maximizing Reach and Engagement

Attorney Tom also touches on the importance of understanding the algorithms of YouTube and Facebook and tailoring the content accordingly to maximize reach and engagement on each platform. He suggests having a clear strategy in place for repurposing the content to get the most out of your efforts. By having a team in place to help with this, you can focus on creating high-quality content that will engage your audience and drive them to take action.

The Importance of Retention

According to Attorney Tom, retention is a critical metric for YouTube. When people watch a video they really enjoy, they are more likely to look for more videos from that creator. This leads to more views and more ad revenue for both the content creator and YouTube.

The Algorithm on Facebook

Attorney Tom also mentions that the algorithm on Facebook is a bit different but the concept is still the same. Facebook wants to keep users engaged on the platform for as long as possible and they do this by showing them content that they are interested in. If a video is getting a lot of views, comments, and shares on Facebook, then the algorithm will start to push the content more and more, leading to more views and more ad revenue.

The Key Takeaway

The key takeaway from Attorney Tom's experiences is to focus on making high-quality, engaging content that people want to watch and share. This will help increase the reach and engagement of the content on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. He also mentions the importance of understanding the different algorithms for short-form and long-form content on platforms like YouTube and how they impact the reach and engagement of your videos.


In conclusion, Attorney Tom's journey with promoting his law firm through social media platforms has been a learning experience. He started with YouTube, experimented with TikTok, and finally found success with long-form content. He emphasizes the importance of creating high-quality, engaging content that people want to watch, the difference between short-form and long-form content, and the need for attorneys to focus on creating content and maximizing reach and engagement.

Attorney Tom's experiences provide valuable insights into the challenges and obstacles that prevent attorneys from creating content and growing their online presence, as well as serve as a guide for other attorneys who are looking to promote their law firms through social media platforms. By understanding the different algorithms on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, attorneys can tailor their content accordingly to maximize the reach and engagement of their videos.

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